Making music, is without a doubt one of the best things in the world. It got me through my worst times and allowed me the best experiences of my life.

It’s a blessing that I could successfully follow my dream from an early age on.

I toured across the whole world for over a decade and had the honor to play in front of millions of people.

I wrote and produced several top 10 records and songs that accumulated to hundreds of millions of streams.

Still it’s the creative process of opening a blank project and transforming an idea into a song, what excites me every single day the most. Over and over again.

In the past 15 years of creating records, I was always on the hunt for tools that inspire me but also minimize the barrier between my idea and the actual finished product. It can be very frustrating, if you have a vision of a record but you just don’t get it to sound the way you imagine.

Of course, there are great tools out there, allowing your results to sound closer and closer like your initial idea but still, more often than not, I was searching for something that just didn’t exist – at least the way i wanted it to be. So I started to create my own sample libraries, templates and tools.

Recently, I figured, if this is so valuable for myself, why shouldn’t I get it out there and let other people use it to create amazing music.

Before I put anything out here there’s a pretty simple question that I ask myself: Will I use this all the time in my own workflow?

My only goal is, that as many people as possible have countless hours of fun getting their productions to another level with my products.

My strict policy:

  • No scams or false promises – you‘ll sadly find enough of them out there
  • Only creative and new approaches to music creation – My experience meets your ideas.
  • No one-click solutions – cause you will have better ideas than any AI
  • Fair pricing – cause money shouldn’t be a limiting factor to make great music.

No excuses anymore! If I was able to create highly successful records with my sounds and tools, you can do it too! Enjoy the ride!