Open the DAW of your choice, head to your plugins VST3 folder and drag WHATTHEKEY on an empty MIDI track and you should be good to go.

If the plugin asks for your credentials, enter the email address you created your account on philspeiser.com with and your account password. If you lost your password head to philspeiser.com/my-account and click on reset password. After entering your login data (make sure you hit enter after typing them in) click on submit. The submit button will disappear and the validation process will start. If your data is correct it will usually take a couple of seconds and you will see a success notification. Now remove WHATTHEKEY from the MIDI Track and load it again. You can use WHATTHEKEY now.

You can activate and use the plugin on three of your devices simultaniously.

First Steps

Using WHATTHEKEY is as simple as it gets. 

The plugin will listen to midi notes and analyse the key of the input afterwards.
In most cases you will want to analyse MIDI that you already created before (e.g. a chord progression or a melody).

  1. Load WHATTHEKEY on an empty MIDI Track. 
    The plugin has a sound engine with a very basic sine sound that is muted by default – you can unmute it by clicking on the “Speaker Symbol” in the left bottom corner.
  2. Copy the Midi Clip on the the track that is containing the plugin and click on the record button on the interface. The plugin is now listening to the input.
  3. Playback your MIDI clip. Once you stop the playback or click on the record button again the plugin will show you the results.

If you want to analyse MIDI instantly , activate the sound engine  (optional) and hit the record button. Now play notes on your keyboard and once finished click on the record button again and you will see the results.


The quality of the result is depending on the input you provide. To get a perfect match the plugin will need to find 7 individual notes of a scale.  If the plugin can‘t find all 7 notes of a scale it will show best guesses.  

If you are not getting a perfect match the option to open the KEY WIZARD will appear. 

You will get suggestions how to find a perfect match.

Clicking on the results on the main window will open the SCALE DICTIONARY that will show you all the notes for the suggested keys.

Watch the WHATTHEKEY tutorial video where I show you some tricks to always find perfect matches.

Contact and FAQ

If you encounter any problems, check our FAQ here, or contact us anytime via mail at support@philspeiser.com for personal support.

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