I made WHATTHEKEY because I was missing a simple but bulletproof MIDI key detection plug-in too many times already. In theory it’s a simple task –  but only if your progression or melody contains all 7 notes of the scale – in reality that won’t happen too often. And then the guessing starts. This is why I designed my own algorithm that will help you to get perfect key matches every time.


The moment you don’t have enough notes of the scale in your MIDI to get a perfect match (which will be most of the time) , WHATTHEKEY’s KEY WIZARD comes in and will help you to complete your progression / melody to get 100% certainty in seconds and might also give you inspiration to make your chords/melodies more exciting.



VST3 / AU | WINDOWS / MAC (M1 + Intel)

If I was able to make records that amassed to hundreds of millions of streams using my sounds and tools… you can do it too!


I bought The_Instrument from Phil. This product CONSISTENTLY evolves with more & more features & sounds that quickly helps you create, compose your ideas in a focused manner.
Jonathan Woods
The Instrument very help me for making music. I’m a beginner, still learning. Most importantly the program is easy to use and don’t need to know the basics of music, chords, etc. Great product.
Robert Luczynski
From Zero to 100 I was running out of ideas until got this VST. The possibilities are unlimited. I made 3 tracks in one week with the instruments vst help. You will not go wrong with this product, hands down. Also, the support is amazing.
Dj Gremix
Man let me tell you this has been the best product I have added to my production. How you guys integrated the chord progressions to be so fluently progressed it's beautiful. I love the sounds, add more of course lol but, this is amazing product man well done well done. I will share and let everyone know about this product as I'm starting my YouTube soon, this will definitely be featured!
Chef Produced It
The instrument is super user friendly. Right out of the box I’ve used it on my current productions.
John Ross
I purchased The Instrument a week ago and it is an awesome tool! It's very user friendly, has great sounds, and some really cool features. Definitely a game changer in my music production. I would highly recommend it. Thank you Phil!
Justin DallaRosa
I don’t know how or why I didn’t get this when I first saw it. It’s an incredible piece of software. Works very well with my products. Easy to set up. Plenty of tutorials. I would recommend this for anyone starting out or an experienced person. Give it a go. You will not be disappointed.
Paul Terry
Im only new to learning music production and I literally just made my first song in 30 minutes following Phil's free tutorial that comes with it.
Once I activated the Instrument I couldn’t let it go. After few hours I had a new track ready for release! It’s super inspiring to work with that helps you “get out of your box” and try something you normally wouldn’t do! Great work Phil!
Jon Berggren
hi Phil , thank lot for the INSTRUMENT , surely my future productions will be of a high level , I can't wait to discover all its potentials thanks again guy Gianni DJ
DJ Gianni Desimone
Easy download and installation. Worked great compatibility wise with my software (Ableton Live 11) and was super fun to mes around with. Lot's of fun tools and features to keep in interesting.
Jonathan O
I’m weak at music theory and the plugin the instrument help me so much with it. Like the system works like the gui great sounds! Excellent drag and drop system! One thing that i hope it could be adjust is sometimes when i play it with my keyboard the plugin can’t follow the speed and hope i can choose the key and minor major together its a bit difficult to find major and minor preset thank you!
My experience with THE Instrument it became a great little weapon in my toolbox of audio. it really kicks off my inspiration of making music. Love it .
Jay R Cisneros Jr.
New to all of this so I was a little confused at first when it came to using the program for the first time so I left an email and they immediately got back to me and resolved my issue and now I’m loving it! Thanks for all your help!
Elias mattar
This product is absolutely amazing and I highly recommended I have been enjoying it since I first purchased for different genres. Don’t hesitate on this gem.
Criss Leger
Purchase, download, installation, and most of all - user experience - has all been seamless. The actual plugin is very well designed, and the extra freebies have been a nice touch. Thank you, Phil!
Samuel Steele
Excellent product. Very simple and intuitive in nature.
Brett Larson
Super creative pluggin that allows you to flow your inspiration on a high level! Highly recommended
A very good plugin to help with the creative flow. Constant updates and improvements. As an intermediate producer, it is an excellent tool to start projects from scratch. It is a bit confusing at first but becomes handy quite easily with some practice. It is definitely recommended.
Kilian Pirlot
Fun and very easy. The reason I say this is that it is a little disappointing to use professionally. I think it's an unavoidable limitation, but it would be nice to make more of your unique chord progressions. For example, Bb or Gm in c-key...
dkd sork SweeTUNE
I love this product. I've been making music for over 30 years and I am still learning new things through "The Instrument" I am adding new chords to some of my existing songs as well as to new ones. The Instrument is easy to use and very helpful. I have other midi programs but this one is the best! Thank you Phil Speiser for creating this. P.S I just bought The Liquid and I love it also!
reliable and inspiring synth! there is some room for improvement, but Phil seems like he is constantly updating, and open to all sorts of feedback. Highly recommended overall!
Paul Shiny Coultrup
High quality products, good tutorials, extras and suprisingly good marketing ! 🙂
Pauli Turpeenniemi
I’ve tried a lot of different “Chord generator” plugins and this one has been one of the easiest to dive into. The additional features like rhythm, strum, etc. all are super nice features and the built in sounds are great. I’ve used other ones and the built in sounds are fine. But all these sounds are usable and could definitely see myself implementing them into my own productions.
Aaron Spasiano
I have purchased both The Instrument and Liquid. I must say that it has changed my way of producing. Now I can develop my ideas in a much faster and more practical way. I highly recommend these fantastic products to any producer. Congrats Phil!
rudy slanzi
THE_INSTRUMENT is a surprising way to take a few notes and explore the opportunities for what you might do with them. You can use them as inspiration for your own sound design, or keep them as-is. They sound wonderful.
Vic Metcalfe
Excellent customer support and the Instrument tool is absolutely a game changer. The ability to work through complex musical patterns, scales, rhythms becomes much easier and allows true creative expression. Just need more voices to choose from.
Nicholas Bessmer
I have really enjoyed the use of Phil's plugins. I most recently purchased both THE_INSTRUMENT and THE_LIQUID. I am impressed with how capable both of these products are and I feel for what they offer they are a great value.
Justin Hirsch
Great plugin! You can save a lot of time and have beautiful ideas.
Edoardo Talamona
My experience started the day I ordered this great musical tool. Having recorded my self in a larger studio, to have the INSTRUMENT, will be a beyond great musical addition to my small home studio. My former choir director said during rehearsal that music is the heartbeat of God. Well, God is using Phil Speiser to use his personal musical gift and talents with me and the world.
James Kelley

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WHATTHEKEY will work with all music software that can can host VST3 or AU plugins. This includes Ableton Live, FL Studio. Logic, Garage Band, Cubase Reaper and many more. Both Windows and Mac systems are supported. The plugin has M1 (native Apple Silicon ARM CPU) support.

Please note that there is currently no AAX support for ProTools. 

The answer is simple. Because I needed a plugin like that too many times before and was not happy with other solutions. When you got all 7 notes of a scale it’s a pretty easy task – but especially with melodies that’s almost never the case – so I came up with the Key Wizard  Algorithm that will help to get a perfect match in no time. 

As long as your composition is based on a “traditional” scale you will always end up with results you can 100% rely on.

Audio detection is nice to get a guess – but is never 100% reliable – personally if I want to find the accurate key of an audio I convert the audio to midi and tweak it with WHATTHEKEY until I got a result that is 100% accurate.




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